You’re probably like a lot of 👩🏾‍🦱👨🏼👩🏼‍🦳🧑🏽. You’ve got a 🚙, a 🏠, insurance policies, financial 📑, a 💰 account or two, and a 401k. You may have a 🏖️ home or rental property, or some stock. And if you’re really on the 🏀, you’ve already got a will, estate plan and your 🏥 directives all ready to go.

Also, like a lot of people, all of those are kept in a 📓, or 📦, or maybe a 🗄. And if you’re better than most, some of it’s in your 💻.

But who else knows where all that stuff is kept? Your partner? Kids? Attorney? And what if you need those financial 📑 to move fast on buying a 🏠? Or if a ⛈️ floods your basement and you need the insurance 📃? Or the worst case scenario, you unexpectedly ⚰️, leaving your ❤️ ones to sort through everything?

Kinda makes you 😬😳😧 just thinking about all that right?

That’s why we started Prisidio. So all your important 🚙🏠📚🏖️📑💰💻 is organized and ready in one secure place. And all the right people have easy access to it when they need it.

Stay connected with us 👇 and we’ll share our progress on how we’re organizing and 🔐 your future.

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