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Mobile assistance and security for all: The Prisidio and RAZ Mobility partnership

Prisidio and RAZ Mobility have partnered to help ensure that anyone can have the access, support, and technology needed to safely protect their important information.

Almost everyone has a mobile device or needs to access their information on-the-go. However, many people in the aging population, or those with disabilities, do not have the proper assistance or technology needed to help them navigate their digital life. It’s also important to understand that accessibility alone isn’t enough. These individuals and their families must also place security and privacy at the forefront. Prisidio and RAZ Mobility have partnered to help ensure that anyone can have the access, support, and technology needed to safely and securely use a mobile device and protect the most important information in their life.

If you haven’t already heard of us…

Prisidio is a trusted digital vault that provides a centralized and secure solution for individuals and families to store, organize, and share life’s most essential personal information and documents. Collect and protect what you have, where you have it, the key people in your life, and then securely share this information in an instant when needed – whether today or down the road or one’s passing. Be prepared for the expected and unexpected with Prisidio. Your digital vault. For life.™

RAZ Mobility offers unique and cutting-edge mobile solutions for seniors and people with disabilities. Its signature product is the RAZ Memory Cell Phone, which is designed to help individuals with dementia, mild cognitive impairment, vision loss, hand tremors, speech disabilities, and seniors who require a simple experience.

Digital, mobile, and information security experts working together

Prisidio and RAZ Mobility offer leading expertise, support, and technology for individuals and families that need to secure their digital life and have access to their vital information from anywhere at any time. Those with disabilities and people that may need more assistance as they age can now take advantage of a suite of powerful technology that provides peace of mind to the individual and their family.

1. The latest in mobile assistive technology

RAZ Mobility offers assistive technology and related services directly to people with disabilities, the aging population, as well as to government agencies. They offer hardware like the award-winning RAZ Memory Cell Phone which ensures that seniors stay connected with their loved ones whether they are at home or away from home. They also provide many other smartphone and software solutions that assist those that are blind or visually impaired.

2. Organize, access, and securely share

Everyone needs a secure solution to help capture and access all the information, documents, and property they’ve amassed over the years. This need is amplified for those that require the assistance of family or other caregivers to help manage this vital information. RAZ Mobility and Prisidio have the tools, software, and expertise needed to help. Pairing RAZ Mobility’s assistive technology with a Prisidio digital vault means that the individual, family, and caregivers have confidence that everything that’s important is accessible by those you trust and protected from those you don’t.

3. Protect your vital information with a digital vault

What are the vital items for you and your loved ones? Your residence, personal IDs, healthcare information, a will, insurance policies, list of prescriptions, valuables, emergency contacts, trusted family members…it’s endless! Perhaps this information is kept with a single individual, or maybe it’s scattered across the desk of several different people. What happens if something is lost or if an unfortunate disaster strikes at home? Or you’re far away from a loved one that needs assistance and an urgent matter arises? Life demands real-time access and uncompromised security. The Prisidio digital vault is a central and secure cloud destination for real peace of mind.

4. Peace of mind in the palm of your hand

Imagine having all the important items and personal information you need when you need it, in the palm of your hand. That’s what Prisidio and RAZ Mobility brings to those that require extra assistance. Always be prepared no matter where you are because you never know what you’ll need and when. Your Prisidio vault is always accessible from your phone. Add items, securely share information, and track all vault activity in an instant (instead of putting it off until later).

A solution for you and your loved ones

“I’m incredibly excited about this partnership as it furthers one of the key components we’ve focused on at Prisidio — secure anytime, anywhere access to one’s most important personal information. By partnering with RAZ Mobility, we are able to further extend our mobile value proposition by partnering with one of the leading mobile solutions focused on the aging population and those with special needs” says Glenn Shimkus, Prisidio co-founder and CEO. Working together, Prisidio and RAZ Mobility are bringing peace of mind to the families of those with special needs as well as the caregivers that support them. Robert Felgar, CEO of RAZ Mobility, further emphasizes how crucial it is for individuals to be able to access and protect their life online, “seniors experiencing cognitive decline are highly vulnerable to fraud. Both the RAZ Memory Cell Phone and Prisidio enhance their security and overall wellbeing, as well as provide caregivers the ability to access and manage important information on their behalf.”

The value and impact of the AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP

Both Prisidio and RAZ Mobility are proud participants in the AgeTech Collaborative from AARP, which brings together a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of leading startups, forward-thinking investors, enlightened enterprises and creative testbeds, all working to bring ground breaking AgeTech innovations to market. Additionally, the collaborative fosters community building and idea sharing to make aging easier for everyone. Prisidio and RAZ Mobility have both completed the unique AgeTech Collaborative accelerator program. According to Rick Robinson, VP and GM of the AgeTech Collaborative, “We are excited to see both the progress of two great portfolio companies and the creative ways they are finding to work together. It’s our goal to help these companies and many others deliver great products, but also to provide a platform where they can connect with one another and develop their own initiatives.”

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RAZ Mobility members can take advantage of special Prisidio pricing with this partnership. Learn more at https://prisidio.com/raz-mobility and sign up today!

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