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Our Story

The digital age has given us more ways to store and share information than we ever imagined, but it’s also created a bit of a dilemma for us as individuals and families. Our most important and sensitive content is scattered digitally and physically. We often can’t find documents and information when we need them, and we may not be able to access them if we’re on the go. When we need to share these items we frequently revert to email, which as we all know isn’t a secure way to share personal and sensitive information.

Knowing where to find this information, being able to access it from wherever we are, and the ability to securely share it would help most of us navigate so many life events along the road—both the expected and the unexpected—with less stress and uncertainty. That’s why we created Prisidio.

Prisidio was founded by two experienced tech leaders and entrepreneurs, Glenn Shimkus and Paul Koziarz. Glenn has spent his entire career helping global organizations manage their documents and information. Prior to founding Prisidio, the two had created Cartavi, a solution to help Real Estate professionals manage and share all of the documents that drive a real estate transaction. They sold Cartavi to DocuSign in 2013 and helped it grow to become a public company.

Our mission at Prisidio is to help individuals and families collect, protect and share their most important documents, assets, and information. We believe we can help people get organized for not only when a loved one passes, but also in their day-to-day lives, or whatever else comes their way. These are uncertain times, yet with Prisidio you can gain peace of mind knowing you have your most important information secured, accessible, and securely shareable with those who need it.

Board of Directors

Our Team

Andrew Dean


Josh Hehn


Ann Bell


Cheryl Xu


Matt Stach


Sohini Datta


Jason Tinnel


Lakshmi Nookala


Gautam Nutalapati


Zach Gordon


Brian Deck


James Schuetz