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Get peace of mind with Prisidio. Your digital vault. For life.™

Prisidio has the features to give you access and control over all of your life's important information. Securely collect, protect, and share what's most important from anywhere at any time. You decide who sees it and who benefits from it. Then when the need arises, you and the people you trust have secure access, instantly.

Important documents

All your vital documents are secure, accessible, and shareable.

Spend less time looking for what you need.

Prisidio provides you with a secure digital vault to keep all your most important and sensitive documents organized and accessible at all times.

There’s no need to replace your file cabinet or that document storage service containing thousands of files. Prisidio is for the life essentials — the most sensitive, personal information that we need to not only store, but securely share with those you trust.

Your birth certificate, insurance policies, power of attorney, or IDs are examples of these key documents that are best collected in Prisidio.

Share selectively and securely.

Securely share what you have with your family and trusted advisors.

Prisidio makes sharing easy while keeping everything highly secure. You have complete control of who has access to your digital vault and exactly what they can see. Collaborate with your spouse by sharing your entire vault or only provide access to specific items — you decide.

Additionally, receive instant mobile notifications about activity in your vault. Every action taken in your vault is logged so you know who’s done what at all times.

Share securely

The key people in your life, all in one place.

Capture the key people in your life and make sure those close to you know about them.

Identify your inner circle of trusted family members, friends, and advisors — your spouse or partner, children, parents, siblings, doctors, lawyer, REALTOR®, accountant, and financial advisor. Make sure those closest to you know who these people are what they do for you.Then decide which of these people you want to invite into your vault in order to securely share items with them.

Protect and manage your legacy.

Share and protect your vault, today and tomorrow, with a Co-Owner and Keyholder.

Share the management of your digital vault with your partner, spouse, or other designated individual by making that person a Co-Owner. A Co-Owner will receive the same access and permissions as you to help keep the information in your vault current.

Designate a Keyholder that will gain access to your vault when you pass on. Keyholders will be given access only after a very thorough process to verify that you and your Co-Owner are no longer able to manage the vault.

co-owner and keyholder

Read what our customers are saying.

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“A digital version of the emergency binder I’ve been leveraging forever. Safe, simple, and perfectly priced. Able to share with family for access to important documents and insurance-necessary items. Leveraged it the day after I loaded my vault. Easy to add content with iPhone camera, uploads in seconds.”

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“Being elderly I was concerned about this product being complicated. I was amazed at how easy it is to use. Having all our documents, medical records, trust, and insurance paperwork all in one app is amazing.”

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“I quickly realized what a gift this is for your loved ones. Having closed an estate for my parents, I know first hand what a nightmare it can be. This app has everything in one place — every professional contact they’ll need, documents, photos, financial information, and even something as sentimental as family recipes.”

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places physical and digital

Everything is everywhere. Know where to look.

Keep track of everything you value.

Prisidio helps you identify all the important places* in your life — both physical and digital.

You may keep your original, signed will in a safe deposit box, your boat in a storage facility for the winter and your photos and videos on iCloud. Prisidio helps you identify where you have things and helps you share these places with family members and trusted advisors.

Capture valuables to quickly complete your vault.

Keep a digital inventory of your valuables, both of financial and sentimental value.

From your classic car to your great grandmother’s pearl necklace, or the family portrait in your living room, use the Prisidio mobile app to easily create a digital record of every item you value. You can quickly snap a photo and add a description, story, or instructions, as text or video*.

It’s quick and easy to capture what you have. Just snap a photo, add any details like notes, photos, or videos, and you’re done!

Capture valuable from your phone
Prisidio on web and mobile

Anytime. Anywhere. Any device.

You’re always prepared with Prisidio.

Everything in your vault is always available with the Prisidio mobile app. You never know when you’ll need an important document like your homeowners insurance policy or a Power of Attorney. Our web and native mobile application can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection.

Security that’s worthy of your trust.

Rest easy. Your information is safe and secure with Prisidio.

Prisidio was built from the ground up with your privacy and the security of your digital assets being our top priority. We meet or exceed industry best practices and safeguards for security with bank-grade encryption, dynamic, multi-factor authentication, and predictive intelligence to recognize fraud patterns. Prisidio is also backed by some of the most experienced and trusted security professionals in the country.

Prisidio Security
Prisidio Shield

Get the vital access and security life demands.

Collect what you have, where you have it, and share with the key people in your life. Be more prepared for your expected and unexpected life events with Prisidio. Your digital vault. For life.™

*Patent Pending