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Keep all your vital documents in one safe place.

With Prisidio, your life-essential documents are secure in your cloud-based digital vault. Your documents include any ID, records, and personal information items you need to reference any time you apply, register, renew, subscribe, or need to confirm identity or ownership. Use custom folders you create to organize your items as you wish. And share specific documents with those you trust.

Import and upload with ease.

Adding documents and document digitization to your digital vault is simple with Prisidio. Upload digital files from your computer or import them from Dropbox, OneDrive, or Google Drive. Include documents like these to have them handy at all times, and then share securely when needed:

  • Driver’s License
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificates
  • Wills and estate documents
  • Insurance policies
  • Titles and Deeds
  • Immunization records
  • Investment documents
  • Financial statements
  • Tax Returns
  • Medical care plans
  • Legal Documents
  • and more…
add important documents

Add paper documents in a snap.

Paper is not a problem with Prisidio. Simply use the Prisidio mobile app to scan images of each page, crop, and then turn them into one PDF document. It’s that easy!

Share with trusted people, safely and securely.

Document security is crucial. Sending files via email is not! Securely share your most important personal documents with the key people in your life by providing them access to your digital vault. With Prisidio, you have full control over what others can see and do. You also have full visibility into what they’ve done through notifications and activity logs.

share access
will in safe

Mark the location of your original documents.

Maybe your insurance policy is in the filing cabinet at the house, and your will is in a safety deposit box or safe. Having a digital copy in Prisidio along with the physical location of the original document is key to being prepared for both today and tomorrow. Use our Related Items* feature to identify the location or place* where your original documents are kept.

Link the people and things related to a document.

In addition to being able to mark the location of the physical copy of a document, you can also link the people and things related* to it. Identify the accountant who prepared your tax return or the attorney who prepared your will. Or link your car to the vehicle title and annual license registration that you also store in your vault.

related tax season
Prisidio Shield

Get the vital access and security life demands.

Be more prepared and organized for your expected and unexpected life events with Prisidio.

*Patent Pending