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Prisidio for families

You’re busy, we get it! Families lead busy lives managing jobs, school schedules, extracurricular activities, and social engagements. It can be challenging to keep track of it all. Say goodbye to the stress of searching for vital items when your family needs them most. With Prisidio, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

solutions for families

“If I ever lose my wallet or if something unexpected happens to me, everything I or my family would need to know is in Prisidio — my accounts, IDs, car and home papers, insurance and trust information, and who to contact to replace or handle things. It’s all organized for them.”

Why Prisidio is perfect for families:

  1. One centralized hub — Keep all your family's essential information in one secure place, from birth certificates and medical records to school documents and emergency contacts.
  2. Share with trusted individuals — Share insurance documents, house info, and other vital information with teachers, family members, doctors, or trusted friends.
  3. Real-time updates — Stay informed with notifications. Immediately know when your shared information is accessed and if any actions are necessary.
  4. More than documents — protect info on your home, passwords, pet instructions, important people, and valuable items and their locations.
  5. Mobile access — Access your family's vital information anytime, anywhere, and share important items on the go.

It’s fast and easy to get started.

We know you’re busy so we’ve made it easy to get started with Prisidio. Add items to your vault with your phone in a snap. Get it done in the moment, and free yourself from the burden of a to-do list. Collect your documents, people, places, and things in bite-sized chunks of 1-2 minute tasks.

Securely share with those you trust.

Sharing your information with trusted individuals has never been easier. Whether it’s your child’s medical records, family birth certificates, online accounts, property details, or vehicle information, you can quickly and securely grant access to trusted family, friends, and advisors in case of an emergency.

Stay informed from anywhere at anytime.

Prisidio's advanced notification system ensures that you never miss an update or activity in your vault. Instantly know if someone has accessed your vault and what they did with the Prisidio mobile app. Set reminders for tax filing dates, insurance renewal deadlines, travel dates, or your pet's next vet appointment.

Your information is safe and secure.

Finally, Prisidio provides you with peace of mind by offering a secure and encrypted platform for storing your sensitive information. With its advanced security features and robust user preferences, you can rest easy knowing that your data is private and safe.

Prisidio Shield

Get the vital access and security life demands.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having all of your essential information organized and easily accessible. Try Prisidio today and start living life with confidence.