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Make sure your vault is in trusted hands.

Share the management of your digital vault — the best place to store and protect the important information you and your loved ones need for today and tomorrow. Designate a Co-Owner and Keyholder to help manage your vault and ensure its information is securely passed on after you are gone.

Invite others and share the work.

Prisidio is most powerful when you have other trusted members in your vault. Include your family members, accountant, attorney, caregivers, REALTOR®, medical professionals, and advisors. These invited people can only see and do what you allow. With our detailed and secure sharing and permissions, you are always in control.

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Co-Owner card with owners photo

Share your digital vault with a Co-Owner.

Manage your digital vault with your partner or spouse, designated family member, caretaker, or best friend by making that person a Co-Owner. As a Co-Owner, they will have the same access and permissions as you to help keep the information in your vault current.

Keep your legacy safe with a Keyholder.

Make sure your vault, including all your important information and wishes, lives on after you’re gone. Designate a Keyholder* that will gain access to your vault when the time comes. Keyholders will be given access only after a very thorough process to verify that you and your co-owner are no longer able to manage the vault.

your vault is protected

Your vault is protected even after you’re gone.

When a loved one passes away, we know the process of locating and navigating through their essential life information can be difficult. We recognize this challenge and offer a solution to help alleviate this burden on family, friends, or trusted advisors.

In the event of a Vault Owner’s passing, designated individuals (either a Co-Owner or Keyholder), can request the release of their vault. When a request is made, a detailed review process is initiated.

Know who accesses your vault and when.

All activity within your vault is available for review through your Dashboard or Activity Log. See who accessed your vault, when, and what they did. With real-time notifications on your mobile device, you instantly know when someone accesses your vault and where they're located.

If any activity seems suspicious — a person you don't know or a log in from an unexpected location — in one click you can instantly block their access* to your vault until you have time investigate and take further action.

Prisidio Shield

Get the vital access and security life demands.

Collect what you have, where you have it, and share with the key people in your life. Be more prepared for your expected and unexpected life events with Prisidio. Your digital vault. For life.™

*Patent Pending