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Prisidio for caregivers

Managing everything for those who cannot take care of themselves can be overwhelming. Enjoy the rewarding moments of being a caregiver by being more prepared. Prisidio is a digital vault designed to help you collect, protect, and share what’s important to those you care for with ease.

solutions for caregivers

“I wasn’t sure I needed something like this. But once I dug into it I quickly realized what a gift this is for your loved ones. Having closed an estate for my parents, I know first hand what a nightmare it can be. This app has everything in one place - every professional contact they’ll need, documents, photos, financial information, and even something as sentimental as family recipes. This product offers so much more than I thought.”

The benefits of Prisidio for caregivers:

  1. Digital backup of your documents — Ensure the safekeeping of all crucial documents and details, including medical records, prescriptions, and legal papers, in a single secure location.
  2. Collaborate with those you trust — Instantly share vital information with other caregivers, relatives, or healthcare professionals, and keep control and visibility over who has access.
  3. Inventory of valuable possessions — Track and manage your loved one’s physical valuables to ensure all important items are accounted for.
  4. Alerts and notifications — Set reminders for prescription refills, appointments, and medical updates. Receive notifications when others access the vault and see what actions they take.
  5. Designed for mobile — Access and share critical information from anywhere at any time. Away from home and someone requires medical records? Instantly share the necessary information in a few simple taps.

Protect everything in one place.

Prisidio makes it easy for you to store and categorize all of your important documents, people, places, and things in one convenient digital vault. Say goodbye to the stress of searching for vital items in an emergency — with Prisidio, you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips.

Securely share with those you trust.

Sharing your information with trusted individuals has never been easier. Whether it's your travel itinerary, medical records, identification documents, online accounts, property details, or vehicle information, you can quickly and securely grant access to trusted family members or friends in case of an emergency.

Stay informed from anywhere at anytime.

Prisidio's advanced notification system ensures that you never miss an update or activity in your vault. Instantly know if someone has accessed your vault and what they did with the Prisidio mobile app. Set reminders for tax filing dates, insurance renewal deadlines, travel dates, or your pet's next vet appointment.

Your information is safe and secure.

Finally, Prisidio provides you with peace of mind by offering a secure and encrypted platform for storing your sensitive information. With its advanced security features and robust user preferences, you can rest easy knowing that your data is private and safe.

Prisidio Shield

Get the vital access and security life demands.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with having all of your essential information organized and easily accessible. Try Prisidio today and start living life with confidence.