Keep track of the places where you keep important items.

At home, at work, online, and on your phone — all are places* where you keep critical records, documents, and information. Make sure the people you care about know where to find these things.


Identify where you keep physical items.

Prisidio helps you maintain a record of the places where your physical items are stored. Your home or the safe where you keep your original will or paper copies of your tax returns are physical locations that link to the digital copies of these items in your vault.

add physical places
digital places

Add the digital places where you have information.

From online accounts, portals, and apps, to cloud storage sites and hard drives for documents, photos, and more, we have so many digital places where we keep personal information, that it can be hard to keep track of them all. Use Prisidio to catalog all the digital places that you or someone else may need to access for or about you someday.

Link your documents and things to places.

Prisidio helps you connect the dots between items in your digital vault and where they’re located in the real world. Help your family find the digital and physical locations of items by linking things in your vault to a specific place. For example, your home office file cabinet may be where you keep original documents, the garage safe holds your valuables, and your phone is where you keep your passwords.

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share access

Share your places with vault members.

Places include physical locations like your house, apartment, a safe, lawyer’s office, pharmacy, or safety deposit box. Places can also be digital, like online accounts and apps, or devices like your computer, an external hard drive, or phone. With Prisidio, you choose who has access and keys to information about the places you have identified in your vault.

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*Patent Pending