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Protect and inventory your valuable things.

Create an inventory of the items you own, both of financial and sentimental value. Identify everything you own of value – not just for your own peace of mind but for others down the road. Let those you trust know what you have. Take pictures of each item, add notes with details, and even capture video telling the story about them.

It's just a good idea.

Tornados, earthquakes, fires, floods, and hurricanes are becoming more frequent and severe. If you live in an area prone to any of these types of natural disasters, it makes sense to keep an inventory of your valuables for insurance purposes.

Even if you don’t live in such an area, items break or get stolen and claims need to be made. Prisidio makes it easy to build a complete list of the things you own including pictures, videos, notes, and associated documentation.

All your important things
add things with your camera

Quickly capture items using your phone.

Your car. Your grandmother’s pearl necklace. A family painting or heirloom. Create an inventory of the items you have that are valuable from a financial or sentimental perspective. With the Prisidio mobile app, you can instantly capture a photo of an item from your camera or photo library and add it to your vault. It’s easy to add things when you see them and build your inventory of important things at your own pace.

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Add notes, photos, and videos for more detail.

Capture the importance of an item you own by providing more detail about it through notes, photos, and videos. Maybe you have an art collection or jewelry you’ve received from a parent. Add photos and videos* of these items as well as notes about when you got it, who you received it from, why they gave it to you, and why it’s important to you. Record a video of your parent telling the story of when they gave it to you in their words, with their emotions and facial expressions! Don’t just photograph the item, make sure to tell the story.

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jewelry with linked items

Link your things to places and documents.

Prisidio helps you connect the dots between the valuables you’ve captured, to where they’re located, to any supporting documentation. It’s one thing to add the necklace you received from your mother to your vault, but don’t forget to link it to the safe in the closet where you store it, and associate it with the appraisal and insurance policy. This way when one looks at the item, they will see where it can be found and have access to any supporting information.

Share information about your things with others.

It’s easy to share your valuable items or things with anyone you’ve invited to your vault. Simply choose a person and click on any items you want them to see. Share what they may need to know about expiration dates, policies, or renewals for anything they may need to manage in your absence.

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Prisidio Shield

Get the vital access and security life demands.

Be more prepared and organized for your expected and unexpected life events with Prisidio. Your digital vault. For life.™

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