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Getting started with Prisidio

Just subscribed to Prisidio? Here are 3 starter steps to get you up and running quickly with the only cloud-based vault that helps you organize everything that matters.

1. Choose how and when you organize your life essentials

It’s easy to navigate your day-to-day life when you have the right information available. That’s why Prisidio helps you highlight the essentials to include in your vault. And makes it easy to do whenever it fits your schedule.

Prisidio prompts you to sort your most important items into four categories:

  1. Documents: Digitized legal, medical, identity, and financial files.
  2. People: The people who have or need information that’s key to managing your life, and who know or need to know about what you have and where you have it.
  3. Places: Physical and digital locations where you store items and documents you value, plus the places you live, work, or get things done.
  4. Things: Your most valuable possessions and mementos.

Prisidio’s mobile app gives you flexibility to add and manage vault items whenever works best for you. Next time you talk to your attorney or reach for your passport, think about adding that information to your vault. As you encounter life essentials every day, you can log them bit by bit. 

Need a bit of structure throughout the process? Read our tips on organizing your digital life.

2. Download the Prisidio mobile app for flexible vault access

Prisidio offers both browser and mobile vault access so you can reach your life essentials anywhere, from any device. 

Use the Prisidio mobile app to update your vault when you randomly remember something to add. The Prisidio app also makes it easy to access all your essential documents and information on the go. Need your insurance card while you’re traveling? Pull it up on your smartphone with just a few taps.

Download the Prisidio mobile app on the Apple Store or get it on Google Play.

3. Learn how to get the most out of your vault

Prisidio can help you manage the items you’ll reference in life, whether they’re tax records or family heirlooms. These powerful Prisidio features enable flexible item sharing, storytelling, and digital security:

  1. Person-level sharing. Share single or multiple items and documents with individual people from the “People” tab.
  2. Item-level sharing. Share any document or item with multiple people.
  3. Multi-factor authentication. To enter your vault, each Prisidio user must provide at least two authentication elements: a password, a one-time passcode, and/or biometrics recognition.
  4. Item locating. For any item, note its physical or digital location – and link it to an address, app, URL, or photo in your vault’s Place section.
  5. Video notes. Attach a video or audio note to tell any item’s story – e.g., your experience with a favorite recipe in grandma’s recipe book, or record grandma telling the story herself.
  6. Activity monitoring. You can view a log of all actions in your vault taken by anyone with whom you have shared items, and receive notifications every time your vault is accessed.

Use these features to pack rich info into each vault item – and keep your valuable information secure. The more you store and organize in your cloud-based vault, the more streamlined your life management activities will be.

Prisidio is your digital vault. For life.™

Now that you understand the ins and outs of Prisidio, you can use your digital vault to organize your life – and keep it that way.

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