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Need a travel de-stressor? Keep essential travel items in your digital vault

A digital digital vault can help you organize your travel essentials for easy access on the go.


  • Traveling soon? Your Prisidio digital vault helps you keep tabs on your essential travel documents.
  • Simplify: Here’s how easy it can be to keep digital records of what you’ve packed and purchased to help track expenses, make customs declarations, or file insurance claims.
  • Keep your people informed and connected via your vault, the simplest way to share key travel information quickly and securely.

As a frequent year-round traveler for both work and leisure, I know firsthand the hassles involved: staying informed of changing itineraries, fumbling for my passport, keeping tabs on everything I need to have close by.

My secret to keeping things low-stress? I use Prisidio’s digital vault to keep my essential travel items in one place and with me wherever I am.

On a recent trip to Spain, I centralized all my important travel information in Prisidio: my passport scan, insurance paperwork, Global Entry PASS ID, and more. I linked all my travel essentials to a single trip item in the Things section. This way, I could see everything related to my trip in a single view. Being Prisidio’s chief architect overseeing app security keeps me ultra-busy, so I’m always on the lookout for ways to streamline and simplify.

Prisidio made it easy for me to navigate last summer’s airline chaos. The upcoming holiday season might be just as hectic – but you can remove some of the stress with a digital vault in hand. Allow me to share with you three ways to make the most of one for traveling.

#1: Make important travel documents easy to reference for smooth passage through long lines

Easy access to your travel information can keep you from scrambling for files at the ticketing desk or check-in line.

What I suggest: as you prepare for your trip, upload your important travel documents to a cloud-based digital vault. (Not sure how? We’ve got a guide.)

Aim to include items like these:

  • Passport, travel visa, or green card
  • Known Traveler Number / PASS ID (for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry members)
  • Tickets and QR codes for trains, buses, events, and activities
  • Driver’s license – domestic and international
  • Vaccination and immunization records (including QR codes for certain countries)
  • Travel, health, and auto insurance paperwork
  • Flight, boarding pass, and hotel booking information
  • Frequent traveler / loyalty club membership information

With Prisidio, it’s easy to access your travel documents when you need them.

For example, if you want to centralize your booking confirmations, simply make a travel folder in Prisidio’s Documents section so they’re all in one spot. Endless email searching eliminated!

Unexpectedly need your passport – say, to rent a car or boat? Just open a digital scan within your vault. And if you’ve left your physical COVID-19 vaccination card behind (still essential for international travel and at some event venues), use the app to pull up a digitized copy or government-verified QR code.

Another benefit: if you lose or misplace your important travel documents, a digital backup can help you in a pinch. With a digitized passport, for example, you can quickly prove your identity at an embassy or consulate – and make it easier to obtain a replacement.

Worried about storing sensitive travel documents in the cloud? Prisidio protects your information using the same encryption standard as banks and government agencies. And with mandatory multi-factor authentication, Prisidio keeps your vault safe from cyberattacks.

#2: Keep a record of what you bring – and what you buy

Even if you’re a light packer, your travel belongings have value. To start, there’s the cost of electronics, like your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Then, there’s the cost of your luggage, plus the clothes, shoes, and other items it contains – their dollar value quickly adds up.

If your luggage is lost or stolen, you’ll likely want a record of your belongings to file a travel insurance claim. Prisidio makes that inventory process simple. While you pack, take a few moments to log information about your belongings in the Prisidio app. Create an item in the Things section, and make sure to include:

  • A photo
  • A description (including purchase date / location, make, and model)
  • The item’s value
  • Receipts and serial numbers

I like the idea of linking all these individual items together within an item labeled “Checked Bag” using the Relate feature in the Things section of my vault. Fortunately Prisidio is flexible, so as a vault owner, you can organize your contents in the way that makes the most sense for you.

Something else to consider: you might come home with more stuff than you left with. Whether you’re bringing back a handmade figurine or a bottle of port wine, you can keep a record of your purchases with a cloud-based vault. If you have to make a customs declaration or track travel expenses (for yourself or your employer), you can use the Prisidio app to quickly reference each item’s value – complete with receipts as needed.

#3: Share your essential travel items with travel companions and people at home

Traveling with your friend, spouse, or family? There’s a good chance they could use some of the essential travel items in your vault. And if my family is at home or meeting up with me somewhere on the road, it’s useful for them to have my travel information too.

There are some everyday travel scenarios: maybe your friend needs your passport number to book an Airbnb, or your spouse wants to double-check your auto insurance policy before renting a car.

But there are also more dire situations. Your partner may need your health insurance card if you have to go to the hospital – say, for a sudden illness or accident. In a medical emergency, quick access to vital information can remove a layer of stress from an already-hectic experience.

With Prisidio’s cloud-based digital vault, you can quickly share travel information with loved ones. In the Prisidio app, select a person and click on the Sharing tab to grant access to your essential travel items. Only want to share one thing? Open an item and tap the Share button to select the people who need access.

Sharing only takes a few moments – and your loved ones will only see what you show them.

With a digital vault, it’s travel made easy

I am all for making travel less stressful, whether I’m on the move to get work done or maximizing the fun. With my digital vault, there’s no more sifting through bags and inboxes to find the travel information I need. Join me, and experience traveling “lighter” with cloud-based mobile access making your essentials readily available anytime, anywhere.

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