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Prisidio’s service culture: key to an exceptional support experience

Prisidio’s service culture is a core part of our business. Here's what that means for you and our company.


  • Reach a vault expert at Prisidio from anywhere using any of the multiple support channels available.
  • Real one-to-one support connections mean a hassle-free experience that solves vault problems fast, getting you back to the things you love.
  • An all-hands approach delivers fast, high-quality Prisidio vault support in every interaction – including a free Quick Start session with a support expert when you first sign up.

If you're like most customers, you've had a bad customer support experience. Make that multiple bad experiences. In fact, 54 percent of customers say that most businesses treat support as an afterthought.

Prisidio does support differently.

For us, support isn’t just a string of one-off interactions. It’s a core part of our ethos. When you reach out to us, it’s all hands on deck. And whether you prefer phone, email, or chat, you’ll get the exact support you need, when you need it.

Since I joined Prisidio as director of Customer Support, we’ve built a powerful multi-channel service center from the ground up. For customers, the effect is feeling taken care of, no matter how you choose to reach out.

Here, I’ll dive into the three-pillar service culture that makes it possible.

Pillar 1: Seamless, multi-channel support that makes it easy to find answers

Prisidio vault owners know how using the app fits seamlessly into daily life. That's how we want our support to feel, too. The key: giving you the flexibility to reach us however you want.

We offer support via:

    • Phone: Reach us at 1-800-708-5017 (select Option 1).
    • Email: Write to support@prisid.io.
    • Facebook: Crowdsource answers via our Prisidio Pros Facebook group.
    • Your vault: Tap the gear icon (on mobile) or a question mark (on the web) to see links to every support channel.

If you’re more of a do-it-yourself person, you can access support articles and videos via our Help Center and Youtube channel

You can ask us about anything from subscription changes to product comparisons. Have a feature you’d like to request? Just shoot us a note. No matter which channel you choose, you can reach a support expert who’ll help you quickly resolve issues. 

Something unique about Prisidio? You can take advantage of a free Quick Start session: 20 minutes with a live support expert to get you set up. We answer questions, share insider Prisidio tips, explain common use cases, and demonstrate product functionality.

You can also sign up for one of our 30-minute live webinars to see how Prisidio makes life simpler. Each one has moderators available to answer questions and accept feedback.

With this expanded range of support offerings, you get more than just product support – you get product success. Everything’s designed to reduce friction, boost convenience, and level up your life management.

Pillar 2: An empathy-first mindset that centers your needs

A lot of companies treat support as something transactional. For customers, the experience is often similar to using a vending machine: they put money in, hit the Coke button, and get their soda. In the end, they get what they need – but the experience is cold and impersonal.

In customer support, transactional experiences produce neutral service results. For us, neutral isn’t enough.

Our goal is to provide an empathy-driven experience that resolves issues fast. Maybe you're not quite sure how to add your vaccination card to your vault. Or perhaps you’re rushing to share your dog’s vet information before you head out of town. Whatever your situation, listening to half an hour of muzak isn’t going to make it better.

How does Prisidio support work in practice? Right off the bat, we focus on getting you back on track. We’ll even offer a tip or idea that might change the way you use your vault. In each interaction, we center the reason you’re using Prisidio: to make life simpler.

Why this approach over the same old transactional model? We care more about improving your experience than the number of support cases we have or the time it takes to close them. We’re here to connect with you as users and people. When you’re happy with Prisidio, so are we.

As we’ve built our support team, we’ve kept this empathy-first approach in mind. We look for people with strong social skills who can build genuine connections. These qualities take a front-seat role in our hiring decisions. We need the right people on board to deliver an exceptional support experience.

Since our product release in June 2021, we’re seeing the impact of this approach in real time. We survey customers after every support interaction, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive.

Pillar 3: An all-hands approach to support that improves the app in real time

“We are all support.” That’s what our CEO, Glenn Shimkus, hammers home at every company-wide meeting. And that mindset is the backbone of our service culture.

What does that mean for you? If you’re having trouble uploading a document, someone from Marketing or Product will back up the Support team to further investigate the issue. No matter which side of the business we’re on, we drop everything to help you quickly find answers. 

One reason we take this all-hands approach: support is a gateway to your experience with Prisidio. We carefully categorize all our support interactions so we can tell where you’re struggling with the product. Then, we share that information with the product team – key for improving and evolving the user experience.


A support experience you’ll actually look forward to

From the moment you subscribe to Prisidio, you can trust that behind the app is a team of real, human experts who are eager to assist you.

Need help setting up your vault? Have a feature you’d like to request? Want to drop a question in the Prisidio Pros Facebook Group? Whatever you need, we’re all ears.

Our promise: a no-sweat support experience that gets you back to the things you love.

Want to get started with Prisidio?

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