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Securing the Life You’ve Built: Announcing the Prisidio and LivNow Partnership

Relocating to a new place can be an exciting chapter in life. Yet, amidst the excitement, it is crucial to prioritize the life you've built and your security.

Enter Prisidio and LivNow, two trusted leaders joining forces to provide a blend of technology, education, and support to ensure your life and most important information is safe before, during, and after this major life event.

If you haven’t already heard of us…

Prisidio is a trusted digital vault that provides a centralized and secure solution for individuals and families to collect, keep safe and securely share life’s most essential items and information. Collect and protect what you have of value, where you have it, the key people in your life, and then securely share this information in an instant when needed. Be prepared for the expected and unexpected with Prisidio. Your digital vault. For life.™

LivNow Relocation is changing the way older adults transition into 55+ and Senior Living Communities nationwide and are committed to ensuring a smooth transition. LivNow understands the complexity and stress of moving — that it involves managing a lot of moving parts and is dependent upon a variety of suppliers to ensure their success. LivNow is relentless when it comes to service and is committed to working with the best-in-class providers to ensure a stress-free move.

The power of collaboration

The partnership between Prisidio and LivNow brings together the experts and tools that individuals and families need to secure their life and legacy during life’s expected and unexpected moments. During a relocation, people need a combination of talented people and powerful technology to have peace of mind that this life event will go smoothly. Here is a look at how the Prisidio and LivNow work together for you:

1. Real estate and relocation experts

LivNow pairs you with a Relocation Specialist that is familiar with your local real-estate market, the senior living community you selected, the best movers, and everything in-between. They only partner with the best real estate agents in your market to ensure you receive the best price for your home. LivNow will even put you in touch with reliable home improvement contractors if your current property requires repair before it can be listed for sale.

2. Identify and organize

Everyone could use help identifying and organizing when it comes to all the information, valuables, and documents they’ve amassed over the years. LivNow and Prisidio have the tools, software, and talents needed to help you succeed. We can help you find professional organizers who are adept at helping you determine what physical items to take with you based on your new needs, and then take the stress out of determining what to do with those treasures that stay behind. But the value of organization does not end with the move. Prisidio’s digital vault is the single place to organize and manage all your valuables - both those of financial significance as well as sentimental value. Know that everything from your bedroom furniture, to your financial accounts, to your wills, trusts, and medical records are safe and secure during and after this time of transition.

3. Protect your legacy and assets

What are the vital items for you and your loved ones? Your home may be your largest asset, but it goes far beyond that! Your will, insurance policies, jewelry, vehicles, emergency contacts, key advisors…it’s endless! Perhaps this information is safe right now (or maybe in a safe). But what happens if something is lost during a move or if an unfortunate disaster strikes at home? Or you’re far away, and it’s urgent? Life demands real-time access and uncompromised security. The Prisidio digital vault is a central and secure cloud destination for real peace of mind.

4. Peace of mind in the palm of your hand

Imagine having all the important items and personal information you need when you need it, in the palm of your hand. That’s what Prisidio and LivNow can provide. Always be prepared no matter where you are because you never know what you will need and when. Your Prisidio vault is always accessible from your phone. Add items, securely share information, and track all vault activity in an instant (instead of putting it off until later). During your move, the LivNow mobile app makes everything easier with access to all your relocation information and resources in one place.

A Partnership Built to Support You and Your Loved Ones

“We are excited to bring a partnership that exemplifies the potential of combining industry expertise, technological innovation, and a deep understanding of the needs of older adults to provide meaningful support during major life transitions like a move” says Glenn Shimkus, Prisidio co-founder and CEO. Working together, Prisidio and LivNow are focused on reducing the stress and improving the process of moving while ensuring that your most important and sensitive information is collected and kept safe. Maureen Longoria, co-founder of LivNow, further emphasizes how crucial it is to protect what you have during a move by stating, “LivNow Relocation is thrilled to partner with Prisidio to provide our clients with the perfect solution for organizing their important documents and providing them with a safe way to share access to them. LivNow thoroughly vets all providers before recommending them and Prisidio exemplifies the highest standards.”

The Power of the AgeTech Collaborative™ from AARP®

Both Prisidio and LivNow are proud participants in the AgeTech Collaborative from AARP, which brings together a one-of-a-kind ecosystem of leading startups, large enterprises, and forward-thinking investors working to bring groundbreaking AgeTech innovations to market. Prisidio and LivNow have both completed the unique accelerator program. According to Rick Robinson, VP and GM of the AgeTech Collaborative from AARP, “this partnership exemplifies how innovative companies can work together to accelerate technology and foster collaboration in order to improve the lives of people as they age, which is our core mission.”

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LivNow members can take advantage of a special Prisidio pricing with this partnership. Learn more at prisidio.com/livnow and sign up today!

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