Vital access with virtual ease.

Collect, protect, and share the most vital pieces of your life with the most important people in it.


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What's vital to you? Keep it safe and accessible, always.

Vital moments demand real-time urgency.

What are the vital items to you and your loved ones? Your will, passports, policies, emergency’s endless. Perhaps they’re safe right now (or in a safe). But what happens when disaster strikes at home? Or you’re far away, and it’s urgent? Life demands real-time access and uncompromised security. The Prisidio virtual vault is a central, secure cloud destination for real peace of mind.


Virtual ease for you. Simplicity for those you love.

We live in a demanding and digital world. That “important documents” folder of yours or that “keepsakes” firebox — they just don’t cut it. A lack of accessibility, security, and shareability can be devastating. Prisidio makes storing and sharing as easy as tagging friends on social media. Target your sharing by individual, monitor who accesses your info, and collaborate with utmost security. That’s Prisidio.

Your virtual vault. Finally, digital security with social connectivity.
Privacy and protection is at the core of what Prisidio delivers.

Privacy + Protection

So what does Prisidio even mean? Or maybe the better question: what does Prisidio mean for me? Prisidio is a mashup of two Latin terms — ”privatus” (private) and “praesidio” (protect). This potent combo is the core of what we deliver; a blend of vital privacy and protection for what’s essential in your life, plus the ability to access and share it all with ease.

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“I quickly realized what a gift this is for your loved ones. Having closed an estate for my parents, I know first hand what a nightmare it can be. This app has everything in one place — every professional contact they’ll need, documents, photos, financial information, and even something as sentimental as family recipes.”

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Why Prisidio?

Simply, what we are:

A virtual vault for any and all vital information.

Simply, what we do:

We protect your vital information and make it easy and safe to access and share.

Simply, how we do it:

Our innovative virtual vault combines the best of digital security with social connectivity.

Simply, why now:

Because your life and loved ones demand both vital access and security.

Prisidio Shield

Get the vital access and security life demands.

Create your Prisidio vault today and start living a simpler, safer digital life — for you and your loved ones.