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Secure your life with Prisidio in preparation for hurricane season

As hurricane season approaches, the importance of being prepared cannot be overstated. Knowing the risks and what to do if you are in the path of a storm is a must.

As hurricane season approaches, the importance of being prepared cannot be overstated. Knowing the risks and what to do if you are in the path of a storm is a must. This is even more true this year as experts are predicting the season could be one of the most active on record, with forecasters saying “we could run out of names!”

Prisidio, a digital vault that embodies the essence of privacy and protection ("privatus" + "praesidio"), offers a robust solution for safeguarding your most important items and information. Here’s how you can utilize Prisidio to ensure you’re ready for whatever the season may bring.

1. Inventory important items, documents, and information

Start by inventorying all your important items and documents within Prisidio. From property titles to personal identification, having a digital record ensures that in the event of a disaster, you have all the necessary information at your fingertips for insurance claims and recovery processes. This preemptive measure not only saves time, but also provides peace of mind knowing your essential records are secure and accessible.

2. Add your homeowners insurance policy

Your homeowners insurance policy should be easily accessible within your Prisidio vault. This allows you to review your coverage details quickly, understand what is and isn’t covered, and make any necessary adjustments before it’s too late. Upload or scan these items in the “Documents” area of your vault, link them to the “Place” (your residence) they insure, and safely share with trusted people. In the chaos that follows a hurricane, having immediate access to your insurance policy can expedite the recovery process.


3. Maintain updated insurance agent contact details

Keep the contact information for your insurance agents, both for your car and home, securely stored in the “People” area of Prisidio. Immediate access to these contacts can significantly reduce stress and streamline the process of filing claims or seeking assistance after the storm has passed.


4. Upload visual records of your property

Take photos of every room in your house and create a video tour of every floor to capture the current state of your property. Additionally, record a video walking around the outside of your house to document the exterior condition, including the house itself and landscaping. In your vault, add a property as a “Place” and then upload your photos and videos so that everything is documented together. These visual records can be invaluable for insurance claims, providing clear evidence of your property’s pre-storm condition.

5. Add prescriptions and medical records

Maintain a list of all prescriptions for everyone in your household within your Prisidio vault. In the event that you need to evacuate or cannot return home immediately, having a record of necessary medications and other medical records ensures that you can obtain refills and care without delay, keeping everyone’s health in check. Add this information to the “Documents” area of your vault, and don’t forget to also add any online medical accounts to the “Places” area.

6. Have digital backups of key identity documents

Store copies of vital identity documents in Prisidio. In the aftermath of a hurricane, you may need to verify your identity or the identity of your family members for various reasons. Having these documents readily available in a secure, digital format can facilitate any necessary verifications without additional stress.

7. Create an inventory of both monetary and sentimental valuables

Identify both your financial and sentimental valuables to ensure all important items are accounted for. Add high-value items like collections, artwork, jewelry, and furniture as “Things” in your vault. Record banking, investment, and retirement accounts as online account “Places”. Finally, protect your family heirlooms, photos, and anything of sentimental value by adding those items, along with videos of why these are important to you and your loved ones, to your digital vault.

Prisidio’s commitment to privacy and protection makes it an ideal platform for preparing for hurricane season. By leveraging Prisidio’s digital vault, your most important information is safeguarded, organized, and accessible no matter what challenges the season may bring.

For more information about how Prisidio can protect what’s essential in your life, visit our features and solutions areas.

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