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How to keep your COVID-19 vaccine card safe

Your COVID-19 vaccine card gives you access to many venues and spaces, but do you have secure, easy access to your card’s valuable information from anywhere?

In many parts of the U.S., presenting a CDC COVID-19 vaccination card opens doors that would otherwise be closed to you.

But the card itself is an awkward size that doesn’t fit into most wallets. And the fact that it needs to be periodically updated with booster shot information means lamination is off the table. Yet we each have to be able to preserve our own card and present it regularly.

Some states have made digital COVID-19 apps and QR codes available, but there is no national online system for proof of vaccination. So, what’s the best way to keep your COVID-19 vaccine card information safe, easy to access, and ready to show when needed?

Why a cloud-based vault is the safest place for your COVID-19 vaccination card

Some public health experts have recommended taking a photo of your vaccination card and keeping it on your phone – or even saved as your phone’s lock screen – for easy access. This is nearly the equivalent of posting private medical details on social media: anyone who can pick up your phone and unlock it will have your full name, date of birth, and the ability to deduce the approximate location where you live.

This information can be used in aggregate to access other personal accounts you may have and leave you vulnerable to identity fraud.

Instead of keeping a photo of your vaccine card on your phone, upload it to your cloud-based vault. Then do the same for anyone in your family whose medical records you might need to access on a regular basis. This secure option will ensure any personal information included on this medical record is stored in an encrypted digital location that makes it easy to access – but only for those who have permission.

With Prisidio’s mobile app, you can quickly and easily access a photo of your card whenever you need it, without any of the risks associated with the unsecured apps on your smartphone.

Secure your original COVID-19 vaccination card

If you’ve ever traveled abroad, you’ve probably been advised to keep a copy of your credit cards, passport, and any other critical information back home or in the hands of someone who could help you, should you get pickpocketed or need any assistance while you’re away. The same strategy is good advice for everyone holding a vaccination card today.

Vaccination Card(Image credit: Joan Slatkin/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

To ensure your original paper vaccination card is as safe as your digital vaccination card, store it in a secure, firesafe location until it’s time to update that record with booster shot information.

To help you remember where you store the original, add a note about its location to the photo you uploaded to your cloud-based vault. This way, you won’t have to dig through drawers and personal safes to retrieve it when it’s time for your next booster shot.

Explore secure, digital options to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination

In April 2021, the White House reiterated that it has no plans to launch a federal vaccination database or implement a vaccine passport program to centralize COVID-19 vaccination records.

However, there are state, local and private health provider programs that streamline vaccine confirmation. And if you were vaccinated at a national pharmacy chain like CVS or Walgreens, you may find that you can provide credible proof of vaccination with their apps, which give you the option of using two-factor authentication for logins from your mobile devices.

Or, if your healthcare provider uses EPIC’s MyChart program and you are enrolled, you may also find that this is a convenient and secure alternative for displaying a digital vaccination card on the go.

Expand portability and protection for all your important information

Once you have stored your original CDC vaccination card somewhere safe, noted its physical location in your cloud-based vault, and secured the digital version in your cloud-based vault as well, it’s time to think about what other significant documents and data in your life deserve the same level of portability and protection.

Prisidio prioritizes security, and is committed to making it easy to secure your medical records, your personal identification, and your memories in one centralized cloud-based vault, including mementos that exist as photos, audio files, or videos. That way you don’t have to recall where you last put items and you can reference them digitally whenever and from wherever you need.

If you’re ready to establish your own simple system for securing what matters most, learn more about Prisidio today.

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