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What makes Prisidio’s digital vault better for streamlined life management

The time you spend document hunting every time you need to reference critical personal data online — do you want it back?

There’s a good chance you use a number of cloud-based document management options – Dropbox, Google Drive, or iCloud – for everything from budget spreadsheets to your child’s transcripts.

These services are good for collaborating on documents in progress or storing everyday files, but they’re not designed to hold highly sensitive documents, like tax records or powers of attorney. There’s rarely a simple way to make sure the right people have access. And when you use different services for different documents, your files can become difficult to track. 

That’s why we developed Prisidio.

Prisidio is more than a holding place for your documents. We call it a cloud-based vault – a tool to help you organize, manage, share, and secure your life management essentials.

Whether you’re using your vault to store documents, organize contacts, or keep track of places and things, Prisidio can show you at a glance which life essentials you have, where you have them, and who knows about them. A vault like Prisidio can help you stay prepared every day.

In this article, we’ll look at four functionalities Prisidio offers – mobile access, document (and all people, places or things) sharing, storytelling, and security – that optimize your cloud-based vault experience.

Prisidio’s native mobile app enables efficient vault access

Most of us have essential documents scattered across many digital and physical locations. Collecting them in one place is important – but it can also be time consuming. Our fully functional native app for iOS and Android helps ease that burden.

Native apps are developed specifically for mobile ecosystems, so they’re more accessible and streamlined than mobile-web hybrids. These apps:

  • Integrate with your device’s contacts, camera, and other core features.
  • Provide a cleaner user experience than other alternatives.
  • Are optimized for fast performance on major mobile operating systems.

When accessing and updating your vault, flexibility is key. A native app helps you reach your vault’s contents from any mobile device.

With Prisidio, you can digitize the documents now stored in your safe using the in-app camera function. Then, you can record a 30-second video annotation explaining which house, floor, and room where the hard copies are located. No need to remember to upload and write out these details next time you’re at your computer – a native app eliminates the extra steps.

Prisidio’s custom sharing options offer maximum control over your documents

Major cloud-based document management services have document sharing capabilities that aren’t suited for more sensitive files and items.

Sharing entire folders with people isn’t great if you need more selective individual document access. But it’s tedious to share document by document, especially if different people need separate sets of files. And in either case, there’s rarely a mechanism to remind you of what you’ve shared and who still has access.

With Prisidio’s item-sharing features, you get more customized control over your important documents.

From your vault’s People section, simply select a person and tap on any document, additional people, places, or things you want to make available to that person. Or while viewing an item in the Document or any other section, simply tap on all the people you want to share that document or item with.

No matter how you share your documents, Prisidio enables sharing flexibility throughout your vault.

Prisidio makes space for stories about your items

Major cloud-based document management services rarely provide a way for you to store personalized context with your documents. Prisidio does.

In Prisidio, you can include a note along with the digital document that explains more about it (e.g., the high-level contents, or reasons for key aspects, of your will) and the location of its hard copy. Then, you can link that document to an entry in your vault’s Places or People tab, complete with relevant addresses and contact information. 

What does that look like in practice? After you’ve digitized your marriage license, you can note that you’ve stored one paper copy in your home office’s disaster-proof safe and another at your family attorney’s office. 

With Prisidio’s context-adding features, you can tell the story of the things you value most. Here’s how easy Prisidio makes it:

In your vault, add a Places entry to note an item’s physical or digital location and link it to the document or any item. This helps people with vault access find your valuables should you need them to.

Then, include a video note – i.e., an MP4 file in place of a text note. For example, tell the story of your grandfather’s cufflinks, like where he wore them and when he gave them to you.

When people you trust know why you care about the contents of your cloud-based vault, they’ll understand the best way to handle each item.

Prisidio’s foundation of security ensures tailor-made vault protection

At Prisidio, we prioritized security before we designed our cloud-based vault. We secure user profiles and documents with leading identity management and access software. This tool enables a vault login experience that balances protection, convenience, and privacy. We also perform continuous SOC 2 reporting to align with the industry standard for data management and digital trust.

Many cloud-based document management services have digital security practices. But Prisidio has robust features tailor-made to protect your most important documents, including these:

  • Each Prisidio user must use multi-factor authentication (MFA) to access a vault. Users must provide at least two authentication elements upon signup and at each login. This measure protects every vault from 99.9 percent of cyberattacks.
  • Prisidio tracks and centralizes user-level vault activity in a user activity log. This way, you know who’s accessed which documents and when.
  • After each vault login, Prisidio sends a real-time access alert – i.e., a push notification with the user’s name and location info. Notice an unusual login location? Consider ending all user sessions and changing your login credentials.

Your vault holds information about your most sensitive items. Prisidio maximizes your vault’s security for controlled access throughout.

Use a digital vault to improve your life organization

Major cloud storage services can hold your important documents in a pinch. But if you’re handling sensitive files (e.g., a digitized passport or a will), there’s a good chance your document management needs aren’t one-size-fits-all. Your solution shouldn’t be either.

The best document management solution understands what’s at stake – and gives you the right tools to manage your sensitive information.

Prisidio can help you manage your essential documents, people, places, and things from anywhere on the go. And with robust security features, you’ll know your documents are safe.

When you’ve organized your documents, you’re one step closer to organizing your life. To get started now, sign up here.

Get started with Prisidio

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